HEMA's Holiday season spot

HEMA's new Holiday Season spot is one that gravitates around true to life Christmas moments. Because no matter how you celebrate the holidays, with HEMA's holiday range, there's a cozy Holiday Season for everyone. 

Watch the spot here

HEMA reminds us what Sinterklaas is all about

With the search for our country's best sintersongwriter, HEMA turns Sinterklaas back into a children's celebration.
Watch the TVC's around this activation. Watch all the sintersongs!

Read more about the HEMA sintersongwriter contest here

Schweppes - For the Makers of Today

All around us, you can find people making things in their own distinctive way. From urban farming to 3D printing. By doing so, these individuals are leaving their mark. Just like Jacob Schweppe once did when he brought water and air together in 1873 creating the refreshing drink called Schweppes. With the proposition “For the makers of today” Schweppes hopes to be the brand for those who actually make stuff. Cause who doesn’t want to be a mixologist, cook or fashion designer?

Binck Bank

Ik maak mezelf / I make myself.

Binck is independent. Just like the people who invest with Binck. Independent thinkers, independent doers. People who know how to decide for themselves, who know what's good for them. Who know how to do what they want to do. Be who they want to be. People who shape their own lives, make their own choices, make themselves. 
Binck's new theme 'I Make Myself' is the bridge to all that Binck has to offer to those who invest (in) themself.

View the commercial here


Our latest campaign for Oxxio features an epic celebration with the Oxxio App. What makes the Oxxio App so epic? You get in control of your energy usage. So you save money on your energy bill. PARTY! And the good thing is... the Oxxio App is free and available for everyone. Download it right now, so you can celebrate as well. But first check our festive commercial.

Schweppes - Facebook as a testing ground

Our Schweppes Facebook Content Strategy not only gives shape to the Makers of Today campaign, It also offers a great opportunity to learn what types of makers best suit the brand.

Schweppes gives makers from all over Europe to reach a large public by sharing their work on Facebook. From urban farmers to 3D print experts, from fashion designers to photographers. By then measuring which types of makers allow for the highest interaction, we learn which types of makers form the most natural fit with the brand.

XXS goes on two-day creative reboot with the whole XXS gang

Companies aren't creative. People are. For an agency that grew twice it's size in the past year, it was a necessity to pack our bags and get ourselves some new inspiration! And what better place to do that in than a proudly prosperous city that despite a turbulent history always remained to preserve its beauty and distinctive culture: Vienna. Did we ever paint the town! 

Monday Morning Breakfast

What’s worse than monday morning? Exactly, nothing! That’s why XXS Amsterdam and Konings & Keune decided to organize the Monday Morning Breakfast. Four times a year, a diverse group of people - TV makers, artists, entrepreneurs and everything in between - come together on early monday morning for a delicious breakfast, inspirational speakers and musical performances. The Monday Morning Breakfast has become a platform from which you can share your ideas, meet like-minded people and create new concepts. From now on: monday morning, bastard, we love you!

For more information: mondaymorningbreakfast.com